Student Transportation

Bus Conduct AR 5131.1

  1. Bus students are expected to understand that riding the bus is a privilege.     
  2. Proper behavior is expected from all students when they are on the bus and when they are waiting for the bus at the school and neighborhood stops.
  3. Students who do not follow rules will be issued citations by the bus drivers, and may loose their privilege of bus riding.  
  4. Students riding the bus should meet at the designated areas to wait for the bus and should conduct themselves in a manner that is not destructive to private and/or personal property.  
  5. Upon boarding the bus, students should be seated and remain seated until the bus reaches its destination and they are properly dismissed by the bus driver. 
  6. Students are to remain seated and facing forward at all times.
  7. Students may not use any electronic device, including cell phones.
  8. Students may not eat, drink, and chew gum or smoke on the bus.  Pupils should assist in keeping the bus clean.
  9. No pupil will, extend arms, legs, or head from the bus.  Windows are to remain closed except under the direction of the bus driver.
  10. The driver is in full charge of the bus and pupils.  Students MUST obey, without argument, the directions of the driver.
  11. NO pupil is to board the bus unless the bus driver is in attendance.
  12. All pencils and pens should be kept in a book bag or binder.  This will eliminate cuts to the seats.
  13. Service animals are permitted on school transportation services; however, all other animals are prohibited.
  14. All bus routes are approved by the Superintendent and any complaints regarding these routes should be brought to the attention of Mrs. Gist or the Director of Operations Mrs. Verkaik.
  15. Students arriving on early buses before school begins are to report directly to the cafeteria. 16. School bus stops are available and on file in the bus barn office. 

Bus Survellience System

Camera supports may be installed on all buses.  Cameras may be activated at the discretion of the superintendent or designee. 

Students Who Do Not Ride the Bus

Students who do not ride the bus should not be on the school grounds before 7:50 A.M.  It is unsafe for students to be on campus before teachers are on duty.

Bicycle Rules

  1. Bicycles MUST be parked in the designated area
  2. Only the owner of the bicycle is permitted to ride it
  3. Riding bicycles in the parking lot, on the sidewalks, or on the school grounds is not permitted.
  4. Those students riding bikes SHOULD have written permission from their parent   or guardian on file in the office.

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