AG Science

Come stroll through our beautiful Ag Center and take a walk through our Secret Garden as you walk over the brick pathway of memories. Gaze into the pond or take a deep sweet breath in our Herb Garden.  


Photo of Penny Allen
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Welcome to AG Science where Imagination grows! Our AG Department is one of a kind! A place where children can come and learn about plants and animals. From seed to vegetable or flower and from egg to chick. All students have hands on experience in gardening and upkeep of their very own gardens. An array of different reptiles,chickens,guinea pigs, chinchillas, and an assortment of other feathery friends. Let's not forget our very own Mr Jingles, Buddy and Sparky!

Don't forget when visiting the Ag Center to stop and visit the Trading Post gift and coffee shop. Visit the Trading Post page for a sneak peek!