Mrs. Beason's Kindergarten Class

 Welcome to Kindergarten



Checkout these Great websites:




Please take time to explore the links below. Starfall and Fun Brain are loaded with online learning activities that will be perfect for your kindergartener.

This site reinforces the reading and writing activities that we do in the classroom. It is a great way to strengthen your child's skills in the language arts areas Starfall

This is a great site to explore. It has loads of activities for kids who want to learn about numbers, letters, and so much more! Fun Brain

If you're a fan of this big red dog, you will love checking out his website. Check out the fun (and educational) Clifford games! Clifford's Playground

Brother Bear and Sister Bear are waiting for you to join them on their fun, interactive website. If you're a fan of the Berenstain Bears, you won't want to miss out on the fun! The Berenstain Bears

Match the animal to it's habitat. Magic School Bus Habitat Matching Game

Is it a mammal, reptile, insect, fish or bird? Explore the different types of animals in their habitats! What Kind of Animal? - Animals in Their Habitats

Welcome to the Switcheroo Zoo! Choose an animal and then design a habitat. Build Your Own Online Habitat

These animals are confused! Help them find their way back to their correct habitats! Take the Animals Home!


Birthday Celebrations!

If your child would like

to celebrate his or her birthday in our classroom, please kindly give

advance notice so that your child's birthday is planned at a convenient

time during our school day. (This typically occurs during snack

time...1:30/1:45) You can send in a note, send an email, or call the school and

leave a message.

If you would like to drop off birthday treats, you may leave them in the

front office with our secretary. 


Check out these educational web sites: 

Kindergarten Sight Word Lists



Common Core Information